Not released but using almost every day

ThoughtSelect logoMy first SaaS product, ThoughtSelect, may not be released yet but I realised the other day that I am already using it every other day. It has replaced an older, desktop PIM that I used for years for literally everything and have really missed as a central point to store mostly text-based information.

ThoughtSelect_Preview02-2015The product I used to use*, let’s call it GrandpaPIM, was f-a-s-t. Fast to enter information intoit and fast to retrieve information out of it. So fast in fact that there are very few products that even come close. This is the number one thing I want to get right in my own solution.

I have plenty more ideas either planned or being tested at the moment to add to this to make it both simple to use as well as fast and reliable. I am definitely finding it useful already though.

Currently, ThoughtSelect is an online SaaS solution but I intend to add both desktop and mobile app versions as well down the track.


* It’s probably quite obvious that I haven’t mentioned said product’s name. This is quite deliberate as I’m not sure of the legal ramifications of naming a commercial product that is the inspiration for my own product. So for now, GrandpaPIM will do! 😉

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