Back to development and first SaaS product…

After a number of false starts, I have finally re-started developing software again.

My first app is an online tree based organizer, database and word processor. I developed this to “scratch-an-itch” and provide a place to store notes and reminders for myself. I hope to soon have it to the stage where it is ready to open up to a wider audience.

There are a number of features I want to add to this but one of the main ones will be to develop a companion mobile app with syncing.

Visual BASIC 3 running in the Windows 95/98 era.

Visual BASIC 3 running in the Windows 95/98 era.

An interesting point I realised about this project today is that this is basically an updated 21st century version of an idea I developed and used back in the late 1990s in Visual BASIC 3.0 and Windows 98. Things certainly have changed since then especially with regard to the capabilities of the phones we all carry now. I remember back then I wished I had my software syncing with my Palm Tungsten PDA that I used to carry everywhere!

Anyway, expect much more of a development focus on here from now on with ThoughtSelect updates and other projects I will be working on.


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